Shrink rubber

Shrink rubber
 Shrink rubberShrink rubber 

Our Price:  £7.90(Inc. 20% VAT)

Black shrink rubber for handles in three sizes, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, all 1.5m long. Shrinks down with heat to make a comfortable smooth handle. Create shapes by underlaying with tape or eva. Use 20mm for most modern carp rods.

Shrink rubber is an easy way to make a smart handle. It shrinks down to a smooth finish. most of the shrinkage is in diameter but you do have to allow a little extra on length for the small shrinkage longitudinally. You don't have to use adhesive underneath, but we recommend a small amount of epoxy to prevent movement with long term heavy use. The best tool for shrinking is a paint stripper heat gun, but with care, it can be shrunk over a naked flame. Always be aware that blanks can be damaged by excessive heat, typically over 120c, so do not dwell over the heat source for long periods.

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